Designer Watches series has done a great deal of heavy lifting to your brand. Launched in a time when multi-material watches -- ceramic, rubber, steel, gold were just coming into vogue, the notion has lasted Hublot for decades.

This new Designer Watches for women, the 45mm Unico Sky Blue, is much more of the exact same but only slightly longer. The whole issue is skeletonized to within a inch of its life.

Under a minimalist look, its balmy blue shows nonetheless a substance whose resistance to wear is undisputed. In 2019, Hublot made ceramic in vivid colors, a patented universe . Ever since that time, all -- or nearly all -- of the Pantone colors are within its reach. The Big Bang Unico Sky Blue brings together two Hublot essentials--the most iconic Big Bang model along with the Swiss watchmaker's substance of choice. An eye and a substance which have been composing Hublot's background for 15 decades.

I love this colour -- it is wealthy and strange -- and you are likely to be spending $21,500 to slide it on your wrist. Sadly, you do not get a complimentary shore vacation with every purchase Designer Watches for men.